Elevating Event

With an illustrious 25-year journey as an esteemed event planner, Rachnoutsav surpasses your grandest aspirations, transcends expectations, redefining events to perfection.



Masterful Events

Unforgettable moments brought to life, delivering exceptional experiences with deep industry understanding.

Visualizing Excellence

Seamless transition from concept to reality, witness your ideas transformed into spectacular experiences through advanced 3D designs.

360 Degree Solution

Comprehensive event management services handling planning, coordination, and execution for stress-free experiences and exceptional results.

Extensive Network

25 years of experience, access to top resources, exclusive venues, and services, and single window clearance to 21+ international destinations.

Turning Visions into Reality

With meticulous planning and flawless execution, our event management company delivers exceptional corporate events. From engaging round table discussions to impressive product launches, we ensure seamless experiences that foster collaboration, celebrate achievements, and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Corporate Events

With expertise in government event management, we excel in organizing impactful gatherings. From dignified shareholder meetings to informative conferences, we deliver seamless logistics, secure environments, and meaningful interactions that meet the unique requirements of governmental entities.

Government Events

Our event management expertise shines brightly in creating unforgettable awards shows. From glamorous red carpet arrivals to captivating stage productions, we orchestrate every detail to honor excellence, inspire audiences, and create memorable moments of celebration.

Award Shows

Passion, triumph, and unforgettable experiences. Meticulous planning, flawless execution. From championships to local tournaments, we deliver captivating events that ignite the spirit of competition.

Sports Events

At our event management company, we specialise in crafting extraordinary social events. From stylish private parties to grand milestone celebrations, we bring creativity and precision to every occasion, ensuring a delightful atmosphere, personalised touches, and cherished memories.

Social Events

Unparalleled beauty, immersive experiences. Meticulously crafted events blending culture, stunning venues, and unforgettable memories. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we transform locations into extraordinary destinations.

Mice Events

Apollo BHB

Sky Fest


Wells Fargo

TATA Boeing

ADP Family Day

AP Day

Deccan Auto



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