Our Story

Our Story

The idea called


It all started with a spark of inspiration at a party in 1996. Rakhi, coming back from the event, couldn’t help but feel that something was missing – the essence of true celebration. In a moment of pure creativity, she envisioned a concept that could turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary and memorable moments. Eager to share her idea, Rakhi approached her husband, Sanjay, who, though initially hesitant, became an enthusiastic partner in this venture. Thus, the tale of Rachnoutsav, the celebration experts, began with two visionaries and their boundless imagination.

As word spread about their genuine care and passion for celebrations, Rachnoutsav’s popularity soared. The turning point came when they were entrusted with conceptualizing the homecoming celebration of Hyderabad’s very own beauty queen, Diana Hayden, the Miss World of 1997. Despite fierce competition from established players in the events industry, Rakhi and Sanjay’s creative brilliance shone through, resulting in an event that not only won hearts but also caused the first major traffic hold-up on the Necklace road in Hyderabad – a testament to their impact.

With each successful event, the Rachnoutsav family expanded, with dedicated teams joining the journey. While others focused on building bigger teams, Rakhi and Sanjay believed in the potential of a single person, fostering agile, innovative, and highly productive teams. As they created many firsts in event management, their passion and professionalism set new standards in the industry.

However, destiny had its own plans, and in 2007-2008, a challenging period shook the foundation of Rachnoutsav. Rakhi fell seriously ill, leading to the temporary closure of operations. Yet, her miraculous recovery ignited a renewed energy within the team, encouraging them to overcome the obstacles.

In response to changing business dynamics and the need for a corporate entity, Rachnoutsav Events Private Limited was established in 2007, marking a significant milestone in their celebrations journey. It was during this time that the seed of professionally managed weddings was sown, introducing unique and immensely popular wedding ideas that focused on clients’ happiness and cherished memories. Specializing in crafting stylish, exclusive, and extraordinary themed weddings, Rachnoutsav set out to make every celebration exceptional. Their wedding concepts and décor was known for expertise in creating luxurious, elegant, and culturally rich settings that perfectly fit their clients’ taste. The craft is nothing short of stunning, leaving guests in awe and creating breathtaking backdrops for cherished memories.

Over the years, Rachnoutsav’s enthusiasm, creativity, and unwavering attention to detail have remained unchanged. Today, they are the preferred choice for organizing corporate events, weddings, and conferences across the country, a testament to their commitment to making every occasion extraordinary. And so, from a single party in 1996 emerged a remarkable journey of celebration and creativity – Rachnoutsav’s story, where one simple idea continues to spark joy and lasting memories in the hearts of countless people.

The Team

Rakhi Kankaria

Founder Director
Rachnoutsav Events Pvt Ltd

Sanjay Kankaria

Managing Director
Rachnoutsav Events Pvt Ltd

Awards & Achievements

Achiever 2012

Public Relations Council of India

Events Excellence Awards 2019

Jade of Hyderabad – TCEI

Aspire to Inspire 2016-2017


Eventsthan 7th

FOREM (Federation of Rajasthan Event Managers)


Best Testing Project

Event Management Agency of the Year 2015


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Rakhi Kankaria

Founder Director
Rachnoutsav Events Pvt Ltd

The genesis of this celebrations journey, she is the execution and administration brain behind the inception and the growing acceptance of Rachnoutsav in the market place today as a full spectrum events company. She is responsible for bringing to life all the brilliant ideas that have come out of Rachnoutsav. Rakhi is the energy flowing through the company and is responsible for the meticulous quality we provide. She is the original Happiness reaper. Let’s make their day is her mantra every morning and we see her conviction reiterated I our clients’ faces after every event.

Managing Committee Member

Federation of Telangana Chamber Commerce and Industry (Telangana State Industry APEX Body)

Former President

Telangana Chamber of Events Industry

Founding Member

Events and Entertainment Management Association (Indian Event Industry APEX Body)

Sanjay Kankaria

Managing Director
Rachnoutsav Events Pvt Ltd

Give him a plain paper and he will conceptualize a fantastic event, that’s Sanjay, the creative genius behind the success of Rachnoutsav. Heavy Rains, cancelled permits for events, damaged props, tantrums of performers and many last mile glitches are a part of every event’s DNA. And yet when you see a successful event where everything seemed to flow like music, then there is a very dependable person grazing his elbows for the success of the event. Clients have respect for him professionally and admiration personally. He makes the business of reaping happiness complete along with Rakhi.

Roshni Kankaria

Strategy and Operations

Roshni brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to our company. Her journey in event management commenced as a young observer, attending gatherings meticulously orchestrated by her family. Having grown up amidst discussions of logistics, design, and client interactions, she has naturally absorbed the core values that define our company – professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. With a heritage deeply rooted in the event management industry, she carries forward a legacy of creativity, precision, and dedication. Drawing inspiration from the success of her predecessors, Roshni steps into the realm of event management with a blend of tradition and innovation.

Alumni – St Xavier’s College, Mumbai